The Megafauna Values

Cultivating Outcomes

Megafauna engagements focus on cultivating positive and enduring outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders. We co-create briefs with our clients and "eat our own tail" in the process.

Coach as Multiplier

Megafauna follow ICF principles in designing coaching engagement with individuals and teams. Coaching is built into our engagements to individually support stakeholders in surfacing program needs, as well as reinforcing outcomes.

People first, then Tools

Coaching and team development focus on people, but also brings operational opportunities forward. We specialize in building internal tools that leverage those opportunities via low-code and internally maintainable tool

Three Ways to Work with Megafauna

Individual and Team Coaching

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Workshops and Off-Sites

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Consultation and Program Development

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Answers to commonly asked questions about our platform

The easiest way is through a small scale coaching engagement. As an individual or small team, you can sign up for a free introductory coaching call, and individual coaching from there. We offer a few different coaching programs which can often be covered by a learning and development budget from work. You can learn more here.

This comes down to your specific team needs, plus day rates and expenses.

We have four ways of framing workshop and offsite pricing:

· If a workshop is listed in our workshop section, then the cost will be lower because we’re leaning on existing material.

· If a workshop is a LICENSED training product, such as the AOD Breakthrough workshop, then usually there will usually be a fixed price, plus expenses.

· If a workshop is custom developed and Megafauna retains the right to the curriculum, then cost of developing the workshop will be dramatically cheaper.

· If a workshop is custom develoloped and the client retains all rights to the material, then cost of developing the workshop is per our day rate.

Book an intro call, and we can figure out a price range pretty painlessly.

Megafauna consulting engagements are essentially tailor-made bundles of our other bespoke offerings. Pricing is tailored to the specific engagement, and is usually an aggregation of individual offering prices with a discount.

  • Initial Meeting with decision makers
  • Preliminary Requirements development
  • Success Mapping and Metrics
  • Pricing and Proposal
  • Sign, deposit invoice, and project start
  • Stakeholder/Constiuent Workshops
  • Potentially Research and Opportunity Analysis
  • Potentially Training
  • Potentially Tool Development
  • Potentially Maintenance Retainer

An example consulting engagement might take place over two to three months, starting with an offsite workshop, reinforce workshop outcomes via team coaching, and conclude in a development plan and bespoke internal tool.