Professional Coaching for Strategic Individuals and Teams

Explore and unblock what holds you back from starting or shipping; seeking support and mentorship; breaking down complexity; identifying your voice and the WHY of your work; getting unstuck; balancing hobbies, family, work, and relationships; and more.


Transforming our goals into action and Outcome

Coaching provides structured and transformative approaches to getting to where we want to be — facilitated in a co-creative and accountability-focused way.

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    Make Decisions Confidently

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    Unblock Procrastination

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    Plan for Contingencies

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    Balance Action with Recovery

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    Find your Tribe

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    Prioritize what Matters

Hear what our our past clients have to say

  • Alberto

    Food Entrepreneur

    Before Andrew, the world of coaching had been somewhat foreign to me and I was skeptical about it. Yet, through his patient guidance, he demystified the process, providing me with the necessary tools to face and overcome obstacles. Our sessions became dynamic brainstorming sessions, where creativity flowed freely, and no concept was too unrealistic or “silly”.His support empowered me to gather the courage necessary to embark on a journey I had postponed for far too long. Now, after one year, this journey is beginning to take on a solid shape of its own.
  • Christian

    Sr. Service Designer

    Throughout our sessions, we explored and worked toward a process of both respecting and addressing my impostor syndrome. Ultimately, we developed a checklist of triggers to look for, and methods to minimize and move past this reaction in a healthy and repeatable way. I was able to immediately start testing these tools, and I’m happy to say that my work-related stress has decreased significantly because of them.
  • Rebecca

    Sr. Researcher

    During my transition to a new job, Andrew played a crucial role in helping me navigate the uncertainties of unfamiliar contexts and relationships and cultivating my creative confidence. His listening skills and thought-provoking questions effortlessly steered our conversations to deeper levels, creating a safe space for exploration.

The Details

An impactful coaching engagement isn't just the time we spend together in a coaching session: it's the work around it, the tools we leverage, and community built around our work.

Goal Discovery and Mapping Session

All coaching engagements start with a goal mapping session. These sessions follow a distinctly different format normal monthly sessions, .

Monthly Coaching Session

Our monthly coaching sessions focus on topics that you bring as the client. These sessions follow a specific goal and outcome based structure.

Visual and Interactive Tools

Over the course of our sessions, we will introduce various tools from the design-thinking and strategy world: from simple postit note sessions to more focused worksheets.

Client Portal

All clients get access to a web-based portal to review session information, ask questions, add feedback, and

Weekly Accountability Checkins

This is an optional accountability checkin tied to the client portal. You can activate it at any time and is email based. All accountability checks are reviewed same-day.

Lifetime Community Access

You'll get lifetime access to the Megafauna community, which includes coaching tools, communityworkshops, and resources

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