About Megafauna

Megafauna is a strategic consulting firm that uses coaching, workshops, gaming, and internal tooling to make transformative change a reality for your team. We look for the unique development of your team and its culture, and find ways to evolve without sacrificing what makes you great in the first place.

Megafauna is led by Andrew Lovett-Barron. Andrew has 15 years in strategic design and software development as a leader, individual contributor, and entrepreneur. Andrew led teams at IDEO and the US Digital Service team at the Pentagon (DDS.mil), and has worked with clients like the IKEA Co-Create team, Innovation Fund Denmark (Innofounder), Opentrons lab robotics, Ford Smart Mobility, Planned Parenthood, and many others. He was a Public Interest Tech fellow at New America, and founded the research trust platform Knowsi. He holds a masters in International Security Studies and is a certified tranformative coach trained at Animas Coaching.

Within our network, we have facilitators who are alumni of companies IDEO, Hyper Island, and CIID. All Megafauna coaches are trained and certified through International Coaching Foundation accreddited schools.